Pregnancy: Don’t make your fav food for her during morning sickness

Even if she is really struggling with morning sickness she needs to eat. Pretty obvious.

What isn’t obvious – or at least didn’t occur to me – is that the food she eats in this sickly period could well become tainted forever.

What I mean by that is she may start to connect the smell or taste of the food she had during morning sickness, with being sick. Which is pretty off putting for anyone.

So my wife, for instance, can’t really stand the smell of tomato pasta, or the taste of our usual bread (which I LOVE!), anymore.
These are two of my favourites, and are some of the only cards I have in my cookery deck. Now though, any kind of tomato sauce and a whole host of bread related options (mainly toast) are now lost forever.

So the Debut Dad advice is to avoid your favourite meals. Basic toast will be one of the only things she can keep down for long stretches, so you can’t avoid that. What you can do is switch brand so that in happier, less sickly times you can revert back to the old fav.

First world problems…

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