Pregnancy: Do I need to talk to the belly?

I read a lot online about how the bub is able to hear from about 23 weeks, and that you should therefore talk directly to him or her, and play Mozart to ensure supreme intelligence. Apparently some studies suggest they can absorb some traits from what it hears regularly.

I asked my own Mum about this, and apparently I listened to Mozart a lot when I was just a bump. I’ve checked, and I don’t think it had an effect.

So that leaves talking to The Bump. Because apparently babies can recognise a voice if it is regular enough, which apparently makes it a bit easier for them to obey you once born when you are pleading with him or her to stop crying!

But do you really need to talk directly to the bump? And if so, what do you say whilst the owner of the bump sits there trying not to laugh at you?

“Mrs Bump, you are looking round today” (don’t lead with this one – you’ll get punched)

“Little <insert name>, I am looking forward to meeting you

“Pi = 3.14159265358979323846”

Nah. It’s too weird.

The baby obviously doesn’t understand words yet; it just needs to hear your voice regularly. So as long as you and The Bump owner talk relatively regularly, you should be fine.

And if you are bossing a box set or two at the time, make sure it isn’t Narcos, The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones…just in case!

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