Baby sleep: All hail Ewan the Dream Sheep

Womb noises to placate a crying baby… really?! This was pre-baby me. Cynical.

But damn girl it genuinely works!

And Ewan the Dream Sheep is the best, fluffiest exponent of these noises on the market.

The four settings Ewan carries sound like two types of static (who knew there were two!?), some kind of pulsing alien and that well known womb noise: the harp. Sounds a bit odd, right? But it genuinely calms him down. To the point where if Ewan stops bleating then the baby starts stirring; bringing the inevitable scramble to press any of his legs to turn on one of noises (preferably not the harp one).

Essentially, under the static, alien and harping, you can hear the sound of a heart beat and the sound of blood rushing around the body. And according to the smart people who brought Ewan into this world, this is as close to the actual sounds in a womb as we are likely to get. And babies love to feel like they are back in the womb where they were generally having a great time.

So I’d like to thank my wife for ignoring my cynicism and buying Ewan before the Feline arrived. That sheep has saved my sanity on more than one occasion!

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