Baby sleep: I’ve created my own womb and I’m not ashamed

First things first. Yes, I have a fluffy Star Wars Chewbacca dressing gown. And yes, it’s awesome.
So unless he is hanging from a boob, baby Feline doesn’t tend to feel very comfortable, for tongue tie = gassy baby related reasons, unless he is asleep. It was quite tough to get him to settle unless I was bouncing around on a gym ball constantly, or jogging around the room singing badly with dodgy lyrics.


Until one morning I put him in my dressing gown and had Ewan the Dream Sheep join him. The combination of a warm, all-encompassing fluffy wrap and familiar womb tunes calm him almost every time. I call it the Wookie Womb and it’s got to the stage where, if he isn’t settling on others, I find myself throwing on the dressing gown at random times of the day, and in front of friends, and cocooning him. And it works almost every time.
That’s a DebutDad win right there.

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