Pregnancy: Morning sickness sucks and I had no idea

Some of you will be think: “how the f*** could he not realise morning sickness sucked?”

Well, I’ve never really paid attention to it! I was too young when my Mum was pregnant with my bro and when my Step-Mum was with my sister. Any women I know who have had kids so far are the partners of my male buddies, and it’s not something that has ever knocked the football off the catch up agenda (I’m aware that sounds super shallow).

Now obviously I haven’t had weird blinkers on for my entire life – I remember when Kate, of royal Kate and Will fame, had it bad, for instance. So I know that people say morning sickness is grim. But until my dearly beloved was struck down with it, and I got to see if first hand – at home, on the train to work, in the car, and generally at all times – I hadn’t appreciated exactly how debilitating it is. And for weeks and months at a time!

My wife describes it as severe sea sickness that doesn’t relent. I once took the ferry to Calais on a booze cruise and for that hour I had a shocker of a time. To feel like that for weeks, all the time…blimey.

So chaps, The Debut Dad advice is to be prepared and sympathetic and stock up on fizzy water, plain bread and avoid cooking anything with flavour. Oh, and step up on the life chores – the washing up, the washing machine stuff, shopping, feeding the cats. Everything. She won’t be large yet, so it may not yet have struck home with you that she is making a baby, but if and when morning sickness hits it is AWFUL!

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