Dry skin? Baste your child in olive oil

Many, many babies come out with dry skin. Particularly those that are late and overcooked.

Some just get a few dry flaky patches – usually around the head or crotchal region – whilst others look like a snake shedding its skin.

When our baby arrived he was already quite a flaky chap and we were told by various midwives that rubbing in some olive oil onto the dry patches, wherever they were, was a-ok.

And actually, they were right. We’ve basted him a few times and it’s cleared it right up without the need for resorting to expensive oils or creams.

Oh, and when I say basting, I actually mean dabbing some oil onto some flat cotton wool pads and rubbing it into the flaky bits.

Job done. Of course, it does mean that when you change your baby (which is the optimum time to baste) it does smell like you are frying some eggs, or making a tomato sauce…which can be a little weird!

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