Tiny baby poo #1: Meconium = Black tar of doom

This is one potent poo. Essentially, this is all the poo the baby has ever created in the womb, all distilled into one concentrated black, tarry, stinky substance which is called meconium.

It’s the first poo your baby will do and the midwives always say its Daddy’s job to deal with it. Well, considering what Mum just went through, you should probably take that on the chin.

It’s quite sticky, so isn’t actually all that difficult to deal with because it doesn’t smear, although peeling it off your baby isn’t in my top ten of heart-warming moments, I must say. Particularly as I can’t accurately describe the smell that you will be battling against…

Fortunately, once the meconium is out, and you’re onto day three or four, it’s down to normal pooey service – i.e. three to six times a day, or more if your baby has a particularly needy appetite.

If you do NCT classes, or ask the midwives a lot of questions, the chances are you’ll be well forewarned of this.

And, in hindsight now that my chap is two weeks old, it’s nothing compared to some of the epic leakage deuces that are coming your way…

Keep telling yourself that this was a good life choice.

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