Tiny baby: My baby weed pink power and it’s called Brick Dust…!

On or around the second day, I was changing the nappy for probably the third ever time. 

I’d gotten past the black tar of doom poo (the meconium one) which comes at some point in the first 24 hours, so I was expecting what I imagined a normal nappy would be (…not that I’ve imagined that much): yellowy poo.

What I certainly did not expect, and had a little freak about, is a dusty pink residue in the front of the nappy…!! Super weird, but after some googling and asking the midwife when she visited the next morning (I even kept the nappy as evidence) I found out this is normal and that, bizarrely yet accurately, they call it ‘Brick Dust’. 

So, Newbie-Dads and Soon-to-be-Dads. Midwives and NCT classes will prepare you for the tarry poo, but you need to be ready for the brick dust wee.

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