My three week old son is a Justin Beiber fan…FML

Seriously. There are various levels of upset that Feline goes through. And each level requires a different technique to calm him down. At peak cry, I usually find myself bouncing around the room throwing some ridiculous shapes and singing anything and everything to try and sooth him.
It can’t be my voice – as that couldn’t settle a narcoleptic koala – so I presume it’s the vibrations in my chest on him, or his musical taste, that soothes him.

But sooth him it does. But only certain songs and artists. And his taste is strange and eclectic:

  • Pharrell Williams – loves him to the point where if I stop he shits himself in protest
  • Ed Sheeran – bloody hates him
  • Michael Buble – thinks he has his moments
  • Bruce Springsteen – huge fan (good lad)
  • David Bowie – change the channel (outraged)
  • Justin Beiber – chills him to the bone, but in a good way…to the point where I’m calling for a DNA test…
  • Bruno Mars – would be him if he could
  • Chesney Hawkes – I tried it…and he LOVED it!
  • Rhianna – shamefully, he loves her umbrella

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