Being kept awake means you’ll get into random sport

Because being on a night shift alone means TV becomes a political hot potato. You can’t watch any of the box sets you are watching as a couple. FML!
And you don’t really want to start something new in case it’s good and your better half wants to watch it, too. Double FML!

New films, though? Forget it!!! Don’t even try – your over tired hormonal friend will call it a betrayal…triple FML

So Star Wars films (always a winner) or random sport are your only options. I watched a james degale fight from 3-5am (give me a medal), I’ve seen ridiculous amounts of American football, annoying amounts of backwater tennis, UFC to the point where I respect it (really!), and I’ve OD’ed on a dreamy amount of rugby union from the Southern Hemisphere.

To the point where it’s now not too bad to be on a graveyard shift. 

Daddy wins. 

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