When the milk first comes on people should back off

I shudder at the thought of Day 3. Soon-to-be-Dads, take note. And already-Dads, stop reading. The memories will be too much.

Day 3, or whenever the milk comes on, will be the worst day you will have in a long, long time. Essentially it’s the day that the breastmilk taps turn on and with it come a flood of hormones. 

And it’s probably the worst time for a flood of over the top hormones to make an appearance. She will be super sore from childbirth and breastfeeding, neither of you will have any idea what you are doing, you’ll be treating the baby with super protective, sterilised oven gloves, and then there is the total lack of sleep through fear of cot death to contend with.

For no reason whatsoever, the hormones will have a wail. She could be laughing one minute, and in floods of tears the next. Ask her what’s wrong, and she’ll be like I’ve no idea! Laughing is just a bit too much right now. 

It’s totally uncontrollable and the most innocuous thing will tip her, through no fault or desire of her own. Remember what she was like on those labour drugs? Slightly loopy? It’s like that, only with ridiculous amounts of emotion. 

We rocked up at Tesco and scored a parent and child space (huge parent perk). It was an emotional disaster.

I got her some water when we were back home, but it wasn’t squash. It was a train wreak…and there were no survivors.

A few days later we saw a woman in the street showing classic Day 3 signs. Her boyfriend/husband said something, and she loudly deleted him on Facebook, threw a bottle down the road and collapsed into hysterical tears. He looked shell shocked.

So my daddy tip is this. Whatever you do DO NOT go out and certainly don’t invite people over to see your baby on Day 3. It will all end in disaster. And I say that from experience. 

Note that this article has been written with my wife’s consent!

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