Does your baby shart, too? Infacol will help

Seriously. It’s almost impressive (it is totally impressive) how loud this little chap is.
Want to hold my baby? He will trump on you so graphically, and so forcefully that you may drop him (please don’t). Even the midwife who was doing his heal prick test, and who must have seen thousands of bubs, jumped out of her skin!

Google tells me that in the first few weeks tiny babies are particularly gassy. They’ve got no feeding tekkers, so tend to gulp down a load of air with each swallow, and they don’t have the strength or experience to work it out of their system quickly. 

And whilst it’s hilarious to witness his regular comedy sharts, the huge, huge downside is that it really hurts him to get all that gas through and out the other end. Watching and listening to him writhe around is probably one of the worst aspects of having a tiny baby 😦

You can’t really do much other than try to burp him as much as you can (although you’ll never get it all). But Infacol will be your friend. It’s this orange flavoured goo which you can give your baby a drop of ahead of each feed. It helps them bring up gas much quicker. And from experience, it really does work. We are now doing it as part of the feed routine, every time. 

But back to the noises. It’s not just your everyday fart. It’s an explosive poo, with insane noises. I’m actually quite proud of him, apart from the rare times he throws one out there when the nappy is off. The Nct classes don’t prepare you, the changing mat, or the wall for that, I can assure you. 

This guy has no shame.

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