Am I boiling my baby!? Bath time is an emotional rollercoaster

Baby Feline has had a fair few baths so far (still super spotty though…). And if you consult google there is a lot of chat about getting the temperature right. Which is obvious, right? 
But what is the right temperature? And how do you know? Is hot for me hot for him? Aaaaaaand this is where the internet fails. There is no consensus which means you have to go with your gut and fly solo!!! And you can’t really experiment like goldilocks did with the three bears porridge. Get it wrong and child services will be round…!

So you run the bath and inevitably go with the warm to cold scale. Colder is better than boiling, surely…

And the nappy comes off at the last minute and you are praying that he doesn’t shart or roll out some floaters. He’s probably crying because he’s all naked. And then he’s in. And he’ll probably stop crying because he’s sitting in water and has no idea what is going on.

Ahhhh he looks so cute! This is amazing! It makes up for all his crying last night….!  

But then you’re like, is he not making noises because he is being scolded into silence?! Is that a shiver?! Are those balls shrinking??? Should he be head bobbing submerged, or only a dipped toe?!

What. An. Ordeal. And after all that, he’s still spotty!

To round this off with a bit of advice, you should be using your elbow to test the temp. You can usually go hotter than you think (unless you are thinking boiling. If so, you’re a bad person) but never go full hot tap. Always mix in th cold!

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