Daytime TV and Dion Dublin: My wife’s new life 

The role of the stay at home parent can be a very lonely one. But luckily there are daily TV show presenters to replace work friends. 

And during my paternity leave I watched them, too, and my overriding observation is this: when and why did Dion Dublin become a presenter of Homes Under the Hammer?!

It’s odd! Why is Dion talking about dry rot? Or telling us that, if HE was renovating that house, he’d knock through the stud wall, and add a conservatory onto the house?

So, so odd. I mean, an individual episode is quite interesting and Dion’s advice is on point. Who doesn’t secretly harbour the ambition to do up and flip houses? But the second episode is basically the same thing. And the third. The fourth. And so on. But Dion is on every day, and is quite likeable, which adds a bit of familiarity to my wife’s day.

And after good old Homes Under the Hammer, there are a couple more regular presenters to add to the routine:

– A couple of antique shows presented by the other, non fake-tanned, old bloke who likes old things. Too many puns to like him.

– The Hairy Bikers doing their thing, which is by far the best show of the day. Who doesn’t like Simon and Dave?!

– Skinhead Dom presenting a show called Rip Off Britain. It’s pretty dross, and he wears too much leather.

– But the worst bit of TV of the daytime routine is some show about possibly moving to Australia. It’s always the same – Australia is sunny, Australia is expensive, Australia is miles away from family. But, unlike Homes Under the Hammer, there is no Dion Dublin-like presenter offering pearls of wisdom and general likability…

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