Why won’t he stop crying!?

Because he’s a bugger. Or, more accurately, because he’s either hungry, gassy, uncomfortable or over-tired. 

At a month old it’s still really hard to understand which it is. And each one has its own technique: a boob in the face, lots of bouncing, simply adjusting his position, cuddling etc etc. 

If by luck or design you’ve been able to deal with the issue early, then you may be able to head off The Big Cry.

Misdiagnose, fail to bring your burping A-game to the party, or simply react too late and it’s sayonara happy place, and hello bordering on hateful place. 

Once he’s built up a noisy head of steam, it’s so difficult to placate him fully. And once he does eventually stop, he’ll forget he’s ok and start up all over again!

Oh, and his Big Cry is the total worst. Real baby tears and daggers to your heart. 

When it’s 3am and he’s been going for four hours straight…as much as I love the little guy, he’s still a little bugger.

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