Friends and family will buy your instagram clothes. You should nail the multipacks.

It’s true. Friends and family will buy your baby so many awesome clothes and outfits that you will start to feel like a thief – robbing them of their money.

But get over that, chopper. Everything else costs the earth! His car seat. The pram. His Moses basket. The sling/carrier option. And you’ll inevitably have picked something the first time that hasn’t worked, and will have to buy a second, probably even more expensive version.

They’ll buy the cute, glamour clothes. You know the ones: the coffee shop presentation threads; the instagram-worthy outfits; the totally over the top rabbit shoes that always fall off but for a couple of seconds actually look immense type accessories. 

And it’s hilarious to see what people do buy. One friend clearly likes banjo playing bear print clothes. My brother wants his nephew to be a mini-him in a tiny lumberjack shirt and jean combo. My Mum likes blue and only blue. Boys should wear blue! Another friend thinks he should be playing rugby for England (I agree).

By the way, guys, this is in no way a criticism. You’re all amazing.

But don’t think you can sit back and ride this wave all the way to adulthood. Oh no. There will be back and leg poo leaks and he will chunder most days. So there will inevitably be about 3-8 outfit changes each day.

This is where you need cheap and cheerful multi pack clothes. The white vests, basic baby grows, boring socks etc. Your slum dog clothes.

Considering that he’ll grow out of most outfits every few months it’s a delicate balance. So if you are going to go over the top of the numbers it’s best to do it with the cheap and easy options!

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