When he sleeps, you sleep. Even if it’s only 8pm. Or else life sucks. 

Dealing with his random sleep pattern is like playing Russian Roulette. And you’re praying you get the bullet.

Seriously. TV will have you believe that as soon as he goes to sleep you’ll crack out the wine, maybe Netflix and chill for a bit, and generally go back to the good old BC (Before Children) days.

Well I can tell you that is total crap.

If it’s the evening and he drifts off earlier than usual then regardless of the time you are running up those stairs to bed. 

You’ve got to grab those winks while you can! He could be asleep for three hours (dream scenario) or 30 minutes (doom, dread and misery situation). And this’ll happen three or four times in the night. Plus you’ve no idea when he’ll go back again once he’s up…

Try and stay awake to socially acceptable times and after a few weeks of him rejoining you and refusing to stay quiet until 2am (seriously buddy I want to join you in crying!) and evenings are grim, grim, grim.

Parenthood is great! 😀

Oh, and for the record. That quaint, artsy little number is not my bedroom. My bedroom – or rather the baby’s drop zone – is in no fit state to go online…

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