Does your baby have super sensitive skin? Avoid all the additives…!

Never have I ever cared about what goes into the soaps, body-washes or shaving lotions that I’ve bought and used for myself. And, until now, I’ve never had to drink to that.
But suddenly, because it’s the little guy, and, like most millennial parentals, I consult google for all life and baby solutions, what goes onto his skin – be it baby wipes, creams, bath lotions – really matters to me.

Why? Well, I’m partly responsible for him, naturally, so suddenly everything takes on a new level of scrutiny. And, because the internet is full of articles and people telling you that, actually, there is a huge difference between the types of products out there for babies.

So, obviously babies are different. Some babies are hard as nails, with elephant hides, and can take whatever you put on them. Others are super sensitive and tend to get pretty red, cracked and itchy a lot of the time.

And slightly towards the latter batch – the sensitive babies – is where my main man has landed.

He sometimes gets red, dry patches on his legs and the nappy zone, and occasionally on his little monkey belly. It’s not the worst, and it’s nowhere near as bad as it is for other babes, but none the less it’s not what you want to see on your little soldier. Particularly if it can be avoided. 

And, actually, it can. Or at least soothed and improved. A lot of oils, lotions and wipes on the market contain additives which don’t play well on sensitive skin. For us, it’s the Johnson’s baby oil products which tend to be a bit more rashy than others.

The two that work for us, though, are Neutral – the 0% range which they kindly sent over to me – and Burt’s Bees. We’ve used Burt for longer, although I do like Neutral’s whole vibe a bit more, if I’m honest. And their wipes are pretty good, too. Well worth checking out. And whilst this post contains PR samples, all views are my own.

So, I can officially say, I care about what goes into soaps, creams and lotions. Am I being overly cautious? And a becoming an OTT parent? I don’t think so. For one thing, if he’s asleep across my lap and it’s dinner time then my plate of food is balancing on him. No second thoughts. Would a super cautious papa bear do that? Probably not.

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