We slept for a full 8 hours last night; and it sucked!! I’ve been knackered all day!

He slept all night! Champagne for everyone! 

Seriously – this morning was amazing. For the first time in months my alarm went off when I was asleep, rather than when I was two episodes into Prison Break on Netflix and with the bub nattering away at me. 

And you’d think I’d have had a gloriously productive, super on-it day with absolutely no need for the usual five-twelve teas and coffees.

Unfortunately, that dream died by about 10am.

Today has felt like the first couple of weeks after paternity leave – sensationally tiring. 

Evidently my body clock has gotten used to regularly waking up in the night. Now I don’t actually do anything with him at night (that’s one of the benefits of breastfeeding). Instead I usually just wake up, comment on the time, and nod off relatively quickly until it’s the he’s-not-going-back-to-sleep-but-it’s-only-5am daddy shift.

But it’s still a disrupted sleep. And I’m ok with that, and have learnt how to function relatively normally during the day. 

But throw in some uninterrupted, long session sleep and my clock has gone crazy. I mean, I almost nodded off on the train whilst writing this!

So anyone longing for the days when your baby sleeps through the night. BE WARNED. The first long sleep sucks! I’ll let you know about the second one…if he lets me.

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